Montagne des rochers hurlants

Une petite boucle video faite sur Smode, le logiciel de compositing temps réel que l’on développe là ou je bosse (pour télécharger la version gratuite :

Desert Storm

A speed composition entirely made on Smode in about 30min. Everything is animated procedurally. You can see the curve I used to animate the trees rotations and the plane used to generate particles collisions and shadows on the ground.


A little composition, composition made on Smode (forgot to put an alpha choker on one of the images god damn it) :

Visage souriant

Un visage souriant, fait sur smode avec des coubes, des points et des boucles.

Seeking Eye

Some content fully generated on Smode with two torus and some loops.


Digging in camera mapping on SMODE (WIP)

A multi camera-mapping animation made entirely on SMODE, our real time compositing engine. This composition run at more or less 30fps on my computer (GeForce 780 GTX, core i7, lot or RAM). Waiting new implementations to do some more animations and visual effects if I have the time.
This one is a WIP, made in 2days. Here are some screenshots of the set up and a little video ^^.

Some moired stuff

Some little moiré effects made quickly on smode, inspired by Mustach Martin the Hanceman and his psychedelic compositions.