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Made in 6 hours a month ago with a broken Tablet. Based on a character modeled by Ana Maria Lacorazza, a friend of mine.

Drawings IV. Thesis defense drawings….

More traditional sketches made with a pen. All of these have been made in a day and a half, when i listened my friends defend their Master’s Thesis :

Space Ship

Made on Painter :


Today a video of a 20 days Project i made.

Birth and growth

This one have been made with Nelson Dos Santos, a friend of mine who set up the Background…and the foreground. Well…all that isn’t the city. Theses paintings have been made for a movie made in 20 days during our studies.

One of the final result :

Steps of construction of the city, click to enlarge (Res 1080p) :
(You can see the animated result in the first video of the « My Demo Reels » section above)

Three composition in ultra high res :