Archive | novembre 2011

In the forest II

Photographs taken this morning in the forest of Carnelle :

In the forest

Photographs taken this morning. Searching for monsters, patterns, colors…

In the fog

Photographs taken yester-yesterday.

Railroad in the fog

Photographs taken yesterday.

Forest at night

An unretouched photograph taken in the forêst at night, with the lights of Paris, far behind.

Painting my village II

Another matte painting made over a video taken in my village with my crappy camera.

Softs used : Boujou / Maya / Photoshop / Nuke / Affects

Painting my village

A matte painting made this afternoon on photoshop.
Tracking / Camera Mapping / Compositing made on Nuke

And a second one, made this afternoon too. I have tested a set-up to incrust a matte painting with a very wide angle. The background is just a test image.
Tracking / Camera Mapping / Matte Painting / Compositing made on Nuke

The pigeon hunter

A photograph, taken in Paris during the famous pigeons hunt day.

Drawing with points VIII

Another drawing made with rotring on paper. The last of the serie.

A very useful exercise to train to think wisely before reproducing a material, a texture or a relfexion. No erasers and only points, no errors allowed. This series of drawings have been made during a comic strip class in Paris 8 university.