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3 variations

3 matte paintings faits ce soir, juste après le précèdent post. 3 variations sur des photos prises sur les plages du nord.

Caracrom ramacas

A little Matte painting made today.

Wesh la crypte !

Encore une petite marade, faite en moins de 30 min celle là, un autre concept pour une crypte. Oué oué. Pas retenue.


Hi Yaj

Une petite marade rapide, photoshop & Maya.

Toshop et un bout de maya

Toshop et un bout de maya


A concept art. Oh baby.


Arbre les yeux

Made on photoshop with a little help from maya 2013.


Streets of Roma II

Another little Matte painting made tonight from 1:00 to 3:30 AM, not the most original thing i’ve ever made…

Street of Roma

A little Matte Painting made this night.

Romeo & Juliet

2 pictures made on Photoshop, based on a photography.

Crypte II

Another version of the crypt made for the musical i was working on in Roma. A quick concept art. It was meant to be a more detailled matte painting but the concept was not choosen so i didn’t finish it.