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Painting my village II

Another matte painting made over a video taken in my village with my crappy camera.

Softs used : Boujou / Maya / Photoshop / Nuke / Affects

Painting my village

A matte painting made this afternoon on photoshop.
Tracking / Camera Mapping / Compositing made on Nuke

And a second one, made this afternoon too. I have tested a set-up to incrust a matte painting with a very wide angle. The background is just a test image.
Tracking / Camera Mapping / Matte Painting / Compositing made on Nuke

Tracking test (update)

A tracking made with the camera tracker of nuke X.

Video taken with an old Fujifilm camera.

Modelisation / Animation on Maya.
Beauty, occlusion, specular & shadow pass on Mental Ray.
Motion & Zdepth on Nuke

Compositing : Nuke / After Effects (Sapphire plug-ins)

Incrustation (tracking test with nuke X)

A test made this afternoon :

Shawangunk ridge

A Matte-Painting i made this afternoon :

Breakdown :

Music : Flogging Molly – Salty Dog

critics are welcome 😉

Subterranean Factory : Nuke breakdown

Original Matte Mainting :

Camera mapping : Subterranean Factory

Here is a Camera mappig made with a friend, Victor Fleury, based on one of my painting :

Vertical City : Camera Mapping test

The 3D version :

The original painting :

Camera Mapping : Cocoon city and Mineral deserts

The video :

The pictures :

Mineral desert II, beauty :

Mineral desert I, beauty:

Maya basic render on Mental ray, with the normal maps :

Cocoon city, beauty:

Maya basic render on Mental ray, with the normal maps :