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Reel 2015

Here are some scenery I made for several TV show the past year using Maya / Photoshop / After Effects / Smode

St Clément Vs le dragon

Quelques illustrations faites hier pour un petit film sur lequel je travail en ce moment. Dans la version finale chaque image est animée et incorporée aux pages d’un livre qui se tournent en même temps que la narration.

Some llustrations I made for a short movie I’m Working on. I used maya, after effects and photoshop for the first one. In the movie each picture is animated and integrated to the pages of a 3D book and follow the voice of the narrator.


Amici 02

Another digital painting for the tv show Amici di Maria di Filippi 2014. Made with Maya / Photoshop / After Effects

Un altro dipinto per un numero di danza nella emissione  Amici 2014. Fatto con Maya / Photoshop / After Effects


Demo Reel Amici 2014

Some stuff I made during my work on the TV-Show Amici 2014.
Il mio lavoro per il tv-show Amici 2014.

The Wall

The Wall

A video loop made for one of the Dear Jack’s song on the Italian tv-Show Amici.

Cathédrale Boum Boum, ma gueule

Cathedrale_Final_V1-PR0-PR0 (00629)

Cathedrale_Final_V1-PR0-PR0 (01768)

Cathedrale_Final_V1-PR0-PR0 (02595)

Here is a background made for the interpretation of « My Immortal » of Deborah Lurato for the tv-show Amici di Maria de Filippi.
Ecco qui una scena fa per l’interpretazione di « mai immortal » di Deborah Lurato per l’emissione Amici.

Potete vedere in live qua :

Venise à voile et à vapeur


First video loop :

Transition to the second act (this one doesn’t loop, of course) :

Some paintings made for the « Casanova » danced by Vincenzo Durevole on the Italian Tv-Show Amici di Maria de Filippi.
See in live here :

Alcune dipinti fatte per il numero di dance di Vincenzo per « casanova » nell’emissione di televisione « amici di Maria de Filippi ». Potete vedere in live qui :

Christian in Wonderland part 1 : Wonder tree


An animated painting made for the dancing numero of Christian in « Christian in Wonderland » for the tv-Show Amici 2014.
I will upload the other videos after now, I mean later.

See the show in live here :

Paris with points

A small video loop made for the dancing numero of Vincenzo Durevole on « Buonasera Signorina », for the Italian TV-show Amici. Made on Photoshop / After effects.

You can see here in live during the Show :

War camp

A picture made for the tv-show Amici for a 15x5m LED screen, not used. 15sec loop.