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Some pictures made in Italy for a TV show called « Amici di Maria de Filippi ».

Alcune immagini fatte in italia per un’emissione di televisione (Amici di Maria de Filippi).

Theatre_Ambulant_00001 CarmenIntro_00001

The pictures can be seen animated there / Le immagini animate possono essere viste qui :

Project Lost : Aladdin

Three pictures I made at work in about 4 days (no time for finishings) for a project that we lost. The theme was basically Aladdin in modern arabic china. So here was our proposition :

Trois images faites au boulot pour un appel à projet que nous avons perdus. Le thème était plus ou moins Aladdin dans la Chine moderne avec de l’Arabisation dedans.


Cover FD def


Crypte nVersion

Almost all the concepts arts of the tomb of Juliet for the musical i worked on.

Wesh la crypte !

Encore une petite marade, faite en moins de 30 min celle là, un autre concept pour une crypte. Oué oué. Pas retenue.


Hi Yaj

Une petite marade rapide, photoshop & Maya.

Toshop et un bout de maya

Toshop et un bout de maya


A concept art. Oh baby.


Arbre les yeux

Made on photoshop with a little help from maya 2013.


Crypte II

Another version of the crypt made for the musical i was working on in Roma. A quick concept art. It was meant to be a more detailled matte painting but the concept was not choosen so i didn’t finish it.

Da Crypte

Matte of the jour, bonjour ! Concept art for a scenery of a musical (non taken).

El Tunnel


A quick concept art, made for a musical with maya and photoshop a day between two others. Some steps of constructions (in reverse) :