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3615 Drake Ulla

A little video quickly made on Smode with some PNG and HAP videos I had on my computer. I put the first and the final result here. And some screenshots of the software itself.

The main theme of this work was the castle of Dracula. I left some screenshots of the smode’s tree. Final composition is running at more or less 42fps on my laptop (core i7, 12Go RAM, GeForce GTX 960m)

As always, free beta version of the software can be found here :

Generative Psyche

A composition made in Smode ( in different states. Basically it’s a Black and White rotating cube with a lot and lot of deformers. Moving it’s actually quite relaxing, maybe i’ll try to publish a gif of it later.

Future Akhb

Another scenery made in Smode, the real-time compositing engine i’m working on. Entirely generative (no textures, no sprites, only mathematics). You can test the demo here :

Future Akhb

Super Nova

Two phases of many of a real time composition I made on SMODE (avaiaiaiable here : ) :

Smode Generated Content

Here a little  procedural scene generated in a real time compositing engine. You can do it yourself by following this tutorial I made:

Procedural Terrain Generation