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Arctic Monster

Croquis sur photoshop

Croquis rapide sur photoshop

Some naked people (5, 10 & 15 min poses)

Some skecthes madeduring the art class where i work :


10 min :


15 min:

10 min:

5 min:

5 min :

5min :

15 min (photo of a red drawing shot in yellow light, so quality de merde):

15 min :

Quelques croquis de nus / Some naked people (10 & 15 min poses)

Quelques croquis de nus, fait pendant les cours de dessin à mac guff (la ou je travaille)
Some sketches of naked people made during art class at mac guff (where i work)

Et pour finir, captain Djack Couderc, pour toi Florian :

Indian Ink

Two drawings of a comrade made during my studies in applied arts, then a sketch made with indian ink.

Quick Sketches V

From a friend :

From a photography :