Archive | août 2011

Monster in the Circus

Speed Painting Made with Zbrush and Photoshop in 3h20.

The Observatory

(You can see the animated result in the first video of the « My Demo Reels » section above)

Quick 10min Sketch :

Then the 3D Model :

And the final painting on Photoshop :

Views of Chicago

Two views of Chicago, made in 4h for the first and 4h30 for the second.

Some quick sketches on Photoshop

Graphic Novel (in French)

Here is a Graphic Novel I made years ago to upgrade my drawing techniques, never finished so…but enjoy !
Made with criterium on 24x32cm canson paper.

1 Painting a Day.

Welcome ! I’ll try to post at least one painting made on photoshop by day.

To start, here is my current Demo Reel :