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Qui pisse contre le vent…

An old speed painting I made, quickly animated on Smode ^^

Qui pisse contre le vent...

Peinture sur Photoshop

Particles Boum Boum

Some real time particles experiments made on Smode, as the video used for the displace is a low quality HAP you can see the artefacts of the video compression over the ball displaced.


Argh mon bide !

Two old paintings of mine quickly animated on Smode


Real Time particle experiment made on Smode (

Mandala Justice Force

Some experiments on 3D shapes in real-time on Smode.

3615 Drake Ulla

A little video quickly made on Smode with some PNG and HAP videos I had on my computer. I put the first and the final result here. And some screenshots of the software itself.

The main theme of this work was the castle of Dracula. I left some screenshots of the smode’s tree. Final composition is running at more or less 42fps on my laptop (core i7, 12Go RAM, GeForce GTX 960m)

As always, free beta version of the software can be found here :

Some Smode particles experiments

Some expériments made on Smode with it’s real-time particle system. Now theses are already integrated as presets inside the free beta verion avaible here :


Matte paint composed on Smode

Here is a Matte painting with many elements cropped on Photoshop and the re-arranged on smode, with a lot of loop stockshots (in hap format)

Rome Matte Painting

Here is a small matte painting / camera mapping of Rome I made the other day on Smode. The Idea was to have a travelling from a small street to the rooftops of Rome.