Archive | février 2016

Reel 2015

Here are some scenery I made for several TV show the past year using Maya / Photoshop / After Effects / Smode

Generative Psyche

A composition made in Smode ( in different states. Basically it’s a Black and White rotating cube with a lot and lot of deformers. Moving it’s actually quite relaxing, maybe i’ll try to publish a gif of it later.

Future Akhb

Another scenery made in Smode, the real-time compositing engine i’m working on. Entirely generative (no textures, no sprites, only mathematics). You can test the demo here :

Future Akhb

Super Nova

Two phases of many of a real time composition I made on SMODE (avaiaiaiable here : ) :

Smode Generated Content

Here a little  procedural scene generated in a real time compositing engine. You can do it yourself by following this tutorial I made:

Procedural Terrain Generation